Monday, February 18, 2013

On Turning 28...

I am finally 28 years old.  

I say finally because for the past few months when anyone would ask how old I am I would tell them 28.  Not because I have always wanted to be 28 years old, it’s because I honestly couldn’t remember how old I was.   

I am beyond fortunate in my life and I have had a fantastic last few years.  My 23rd I graduated college, my 24th we bought our house and two days later got engaged!  My 25th I married the best guy in the world.  My 26th was all about trips, our honeymoon and a trip to Vegas.  My 27th we had Miss Olivia, the most fantastic girl in the world.   What does my 28th year have in store for me?  I am so excited! It is going to be a great year!

In other news, I was looking in the mirror today and saw some ‘laugh lines’ around my eyes.  When did this happen!? What, I turn 28 and BOOM wrinkles. Any recommendations for some good skin cream would be greatly appreciated!

I had an awesome weekend with my husband and beautiful baby girl.  Spent some quality time together, ate some sushi, had some drinks and got pampered by my husband!  I am so blessed.

To those who have reached out today, thank you. All of the calls, messages and emails are overwhelmingly wonderful. I am definitely feeling the love.

Dan and I in Vegas in 2011

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  1. Happy Birthday!!!

    I am totally the same - I can never remember how old I am and if I am put on the spot - most of the time I guess wrong!! (Once I actually completely forgot and had to sit there working out what year it was and then adding from the year I was born - not one of my brightest moments.. I probably shouldn't be sharing that story! haha..)

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday - sounds like you did!

    Aanika X