Tuesday, April 9, 2013

8 Month Update!

Olivia turned 8 months old a few days ago and there's something about that age which seems much too close to 1 than I care to admit.

Olivia's demeanor is still sweet as sweet can be. People always say she's just the happiest little baby and she really is.  She has just started getting a little clingy around strangers (and by strangers I mean anyone besides her daddy, mommy or daycare provider!) She just needs a little time with them and then she is good to go!

She loves food. I love that she loves food because it makes feeding her SO easy. She loves Little Crunchies - probably because they taste like Cheetos. She loves the Mixed Berry Yogurt Melts.  She loves lunch meat.  We are just starting to feed her more of what we are eating.  She had some mac and cheese yesterday! She does pretty well for not really having any teeth!

Speaking of teeth, one of her bottom teeth has poked through! I think the second one must be on the way as well. She is doing pretty well with teething, not too cranky at all.  Dan is hoping that one morning she will just wake up with a whole mouth full of teeth so she only has to go through the pain once! Not me, I want those super cute bottom teeth only pictures!

She still waves. She crawls, pretty darn fast. She stands up on everything. She can go up the stairs (with me behind her of course) - and when she does she is so determined and quick! She licks everything.  She loves reading.  She laughs when I do the stupidest things, which makes me do it even more.  She makes that ridiculously cute sound when they pull their fingers to their lips and 'b-b-b-blub' (what the heck do you call that?!??!). Its my favorite thing. It makes me laugh every time.

We are blessed to be your parents, because girl, you bring us so much joy & laughter.

happy 8 months.

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