Monday, April 1, 2013

A Coffee Date with Friends....

If we were to meet up for coffee it would have to be at a coffee shop.  I do have a coffee maker (that we got from our Wedding), and 12 coffee cups, but no coffee at all.  
I would probably order a Soy Chai Latte because that is my favorite. We would sit in the corner and enjoy a nice conversation.

We would talk lightly about new TV shows, summer plans, how the baby is doing.

I would tell you about how excited I am to meet my new nephew when we go back home! And how nervous I am to travel ten hours with Olivia.

I would tell you how excited I am for Summer to finally get here.  I can't wait to bring Olivia to the park, watch her play in the grass, splash in the lake, go on walks everyday.  It will be so fun!

We would get a little more comfortable and dive into deeper things...

I would tell you how embarrassed and grossed out I am with my post-baby body.  I know that it takes some time for your body to go back to normal.  Well, it has been almost a year and I don't feel like my normal self.  I know it was well worth it and I wouldn't change a thing but it's a little defeating. When I see people I know I feel like they are judging me for not being thinner.  I wasn't a super thin girl to start but I didn't have a load of flabby skin located right in front of me.  It is just hard to deal with sometimes.

I would tell you that I felt like the worst mom in the world when my baby rolled off my bed and onto the floor.  It was like I was watching in slow motion but couldn't get to her fast enough. Worst.  Feeling.  Ever.  She is fine, but still it was the worst.  She is no longer allowed to play on the bed.

I would tell you that I miss my family and wish it were easier to visit.  I would also tell you that I really wish someone would invent a Teleportation Machine. So you smart people out there... get on it please!

I would tell you thanks.  For being my friend.  For listening to me.  For the coffee.

Happy April, happy Monday.

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  1. Your blog is just lovely, and this post is so beautifully honest and refreshing! I just found your blog through Casey W's linkup, excited to follow along via GFC and come back! :)



    1. Thanks Erin! I look forward to following your awesome blog!