Friday, April 19, 2013

Just keep swimming...

Olivia has had two swimming lessons so far! They are so fun and all the babies are super cute. 

We start out by playing Simon Says -- Simon says, kick your feet in the water; Simon says, wash your leg; Simon says, take a shower (sprinkle water on baby's head).  Then we get in the water.

The group sings a song and travels in a circle to get the babies used to the water.  Then we do some gliding through the water on their tummies with their hands out.  Some gliding with feet kicking, maybe some moving of the arms.

We quickly move into Free Swim where we get to play with noodles and body boards and of course our baby!

We end with another song with some actions and that is it.

Olivia has done really well with being in the water.  She really loves watching everyone else, drinking the water, and splashing!

I am so happy that she is comfortable in the water.  We spend a lot of time in the summers at the lake and want her to enjoy it too!

 Getting ready to go to Swim Class in our sweet pink sweat suit!
 Mommy and Olivia right before class!


  1. Ah. You brought back great memories and years of sitting on the overheated pool deck watching my now-17-year-old daughter learn to swim. She was a regular fish ... and then she got more interested in makeup and boy and other things. Your little one is a adorable!

    Visiting from the blog hop...

    1. YES! The overheated room kills me every time. The air is so warm that it makes the water feel so icy! Thanks for stopping by!

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    1. Thanks for stopping by! I will check it out!

  3. She is soo cute!! I love the happy pictures of Olivia!! I'm a new fan from Fun Friday! If you have time, stop by and hop with us @ The SHOW OFF Blog Party happenng all weekend! We look forward to seeing you!

    The Wondering Brain

  4. Olivia is adorable! My son is 5 months old and I really want to sign him up for swim lessons too.

    I found your blog today through a hop, and I am so happy that I did. It is so adorable, and I am going to follow you through Bloglovin. Happy Saturday!

    1. Thanks! We had to wait until she was 8 months old but I really wanted to get her in before that! I just checked out your blog - how scary! Glad you are both ok!