Monday, April 23, 2012

26 Weeks

Today I am 26 weeks pregnant.

Holy Moly (yes I actually say that quite often!)

It's just going by so fast. I'm at the tail end of my second trimester.

Which means third trimester is almost here.

Which means SHE is almost here.


My little girl.

My sweet, tiny baby girl.

She weighs a little less than 2 pounds and measures 14 inches long - the length of an English Hothouse Cucumber (whatever that is).

But she certainly makes her presence known.

She kicks like crazy.  She loves to camp out on the right side of my belly.

I love our time together. Sometimes I poke my belly and she'll kick me where I'm poking. It is like she is saying "Hi Mommy!"

We still have some stuff to do before she arrives - but things are coming together quickly.

14 weeks to go. WOW.

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