Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Pregnancy, thus far...

We starting trying and BAM! we were having a baby.  We took the test towards the end of November and wanted to keep everything as hush hush as we could (we had just had a miscarriage in June (at eleven weeks) and had told everyone we were expecting-so on top of losing the baby we also had to deal with telling people - no fun!).  We told Dan's parents so they would not question why I wasn't drinking over the holidays!

Everything went well from the get go.  I was pretty nauseous for the first trimester - for a couple weeks I could only eat crackers - yuck.  I also had a huge thing with smells.  My super sniffer could smell everything.  Which wasn't the best thing when it lead to extreme gagging.  That gagging also happened when I brushed my teeth (which lead to a few trips to the toilet).  Once I hit the second trimester it was like I was a whole new person! Actually being able to brush your teeth will do that to you.

We told our friends and our families - everyone is very excited.  We have a set of friends that are due two weeks before us and a set of friends that are due two weeks after - so there will be LOTS of babies for our little GIRL to play with! That is right, we found out we are having a girl! Which brings us to present day.  I am 23 weeks.  Baby is the size of a mango.  I can't quite fit into small spaces like I used to. I am so in love with my baby girl (even if she insists on kicking me as I fall asleep!)

Life is great.

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Baby Girl 20 Weeks

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