Monday, April 30, 2012

Ruler Growth Chart

Another nursery decorating project!

I had seen a ruler growth chart online - but if I wanted to purchase from the seller it would have cost over $100!
That is INSANE!

So instead I did a little searching on Etsy and found someone that sells the ruler vinyl ($12).  I headed over to Lowes and picked up a 1x8x6 board and a small container of stain (black cherry - matches the rest of the furniture!) I also picked up a can of spray poly to seal the stain. 

I stained the board and sprayed a couple coats of poly - let it sit for 2 weeks to make sure it was fully dry.  I put the vinyl on last night - which was super easy.  Now all that is left is to get it on the wall.  I plan on putting a solid screw in the top and the bottom straight through to the wall.  I want to make sure that it is secure to the wall so it doesn't have a chance to fall off the wall.

Overall - I love how it turned out! I think it will add a lot to her room!

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