Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Yea! I LOVE getting things in the mail! It is such a rush - seriously. 
Getting all the RSVP's back from my wedding was heaven. 

Yesterday I got the dresser we ordered for the nursery in the mail (big mail is fun!).  This past week I have also received some stuff I ordered off Etsy for a couple projects I have in mind.  Don't worry I am so excited to get to those projects I will have them posted in no time. 

I did get some shoes in the mail Saturday too - but those are going back.  I am in my friends wedding back in South Dakota next month and needed some shoes.  So smart me went ahead and ordered 4 1/2 inch wedges (outdoor wedding) NOT thinking about the fact that I will be 7 months pregnant and never wear heels in the first place.  So back those went and on the way are a much more reasonable but just as cute wedge - hope they work! Now on the to-do list for that wedding....get the dress I ordered in October altered to fit this growing belly!

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