Thursday, April 19, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

* Being at a business professional networking meeting and standing up to say something but forgetting the word for it.....
* Creepy guy that always comes into work.  Enough said.
* Letting out a grunt every time I bend over.  I have a feeling that is only going to get worse!
* The fact that it is getting a little difficult to tie my shoes. Guess that means baby is growing!

* Winning a game of Bezzerwizzer against two brainy guys! Take that pregnancy brain (I almost won the second game too! Go me!)
*Getting things in the mail...still riding high on that adorable crown I got yesterday.  Seriously it is so tiny and cute.
* Getting fabric and onesies to complete some outfits for baby girl and for her two boy friends that will be born before and after her! Pictures to come!
* SUMMER! Can't wait until we go to our first Twins baseball game!

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