Friday, April 13, 2012

Busy weekend...

So originally, this weekend was going to consist of relaxing.... cleaning around the house... being outside if it is nice... and registering for baby. 

With one phone call and some searching on the internet our weekend got a little busier.  I decided to look into the birthing classes we wanted to take (our hospital offers them).  There were two choices - 2 Saturdays for 6 hours each or 2 Tuesdays and 2 Thursdays for 3 hours each.  The during the week classes just wont work with our schedule so the Saturdays it had to be.  The only time they had the Saturday classes were this Saturday and next Saturday!

I feel like it might be kind of early for baby classes but it really isn't.  It will probably just scare the crap out of me and make me super nervous.  Or it will make me super excited, or feel unprepared, or .... all of the above!

Here's to a busy weekend full of baby stuff!

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